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A Strategy Focused on Sustainable Growth

Offering its customers handling, lifting and earthmoving solutions is more than just a vocation, it is the raison d'être of the Manitou Group. Its know-how and expertise allow it to be closer to every need, regardless of the country, terrain or application. With innovative machinery and services, the Manitou Group creates value for its customers.


The telehendlers of the renowned French manufacturer MANITOU include a range of telescopic light lifting ranges of 5.85 to 30 m with a load lifting capacity of 2500 to 4000 kg. The basic division is on rotating MRT telephones (lifting height from 14 m to 30 m) and on telescopic MT rigid chassis with lifting height of 5.85 to 18 m.

Working Platforms

Manitou work platforms include a lifting range of up to 16.25 m. Platforms are divided to work in external or internal transport. Depending on the operation, the platforms are powered by a diesel engine or an electric motor.


A large number of work attachments (platform-bucket for people, hydraulic windlass, prefabricated crane, loading bucket, pallet fork, etc.) make MANITOU a unique machine on every construction site.


To deliver the best performance, maximum user convenience and highest level of reliability, bearing in mind the total cost of ownership and the second life of the product.