Bravi Platforms LEONARDO HD


Working Height

4900 mm

Power Source

Batt: 110/220 V ca 24 V 12 Ah

Platform Capacity

180 kg

/ Model & Specifications

The Leonardo Heavy-Duty (HD) is the second generation of the tried and tested Leonardo platform. It has increased strength and robustness due to a new all-steel chassis and hood that also features integrated forklift pockets that makes it easy to transport and move. It is designed to provide exceptional manoeuvrability in difficult working conditions. An active pothole protection mechanism provides an added height of 87mm that truly makes a difference during the early stages of the building project: LEONARDO HD effortlessly overcome obstacles such as debris, broken tiles, sloping area, extension cords, parking lot bumpers, potholes and ramps.

The Leonardo is an innovative EWP, expressly designed to change the way you work from heights of 3 up to 5 meters (9-16 feet), effectively eliminating the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts, and push-around units. The Leonardo will help you avoid ladders and outriggers by providing a safe, highly cost-effective solution that will drastically reduce the work time needed for a project, hence increasing your productivity and profits. 
Technical Data Metric US
Platform Height 2900 9 ft 6 in
Entry Step 400 1 ft 3 in
Working Height 4900 16 ft
Platform Width 680 2 ft 2 in
Platform Length 1115 3 ft 9 in
Platform Length W/decks ext 1700 5 ft 6 in
Width 739 2 ft 4 in
Base Length 1192 3 ft 10 in
Height Stowed 1747 5 ft 8 in
Ground Clearance Front 92 3.6 in
Ground Clearance Middle 87 3.4 in
Platform Capcity w/ decks ext 180 kg 397 lbs
Rated Number of Occupants CE 1
Rated Number of Ocupants ANSI 2
Drive Speed Stowed 3 km/h 1.9 mph
Drive Speed Elevated 0.6 km/h 0.35 mph
Inside Turning Radius Zero Zero
Outside Turning Radius 1253 4 ft 7 in
Gradeability 35% 35%
Raise/Lower Speed 16 / 21 sec 16 / 21 sec
Controls One Hand proportional controller
Tires Solid Rubber, Non Marking
Power Source 110/220 V ca 24 V 12 Ah automatic 110/220 V ca 24 V 12 Ah automatic
Batteries 2 - 12V 85 Ah 2 - 12V 85 Ah
Hydraulic System Capacity 20 lt 5.3 gal
Unit Weight CE 510 kg 1124 lbs
Unit Weight ANSI 550 kg 1212 lbs
STANDARD COMPLIANT Ansi A92.6, CE Compliant, AS1418.10 (int)

Efficiency and Versatility
The Leonardo HD can be easily driven through doorways and into tight spaces that would require you to use scaffolding or ladders. The revolutionary compact size of this platform, its versatile manoeuvrability, and weighting only 510Kg (1124 lbs), it is compact and light enough to enter most elevators to reach the top floors of high buildings in no time at all, allow the Leonardo HD to fit into most elevators, reaching top floors effortlessly and driving through standard doorways without requiring the operator to leave the platform. 

The Leonardo can be driven when at full height (4,9 meters – 16 feet), fully loaded (180 Kg - 397 lbs.) and with the platform fully extended, at an automatic slow speed of 0,6 km/h (0,35 mph). It effectively eliminates the need for the operator to get on and off the platform or scaffolding to push or place it into position, but also the risk of injury during such operations. It also features a built-in tilt sensor, flashing light, audible alarm and the active pothole protection mechanism. 

The Leonardo HD boosts more than 20 years of constant technological advancement that has resulted in a sturdy, simple, cost-effective product that will revolutionise your work experience. A lifting mast that requires no upkeep, a careful selection of high-quality components, and extremely simple yet effective design make the Leonardo virtually maintenance-free, while the only task required of the user is the control of the water level in the batteries. Truly versatile, robust and portable, the LEONARDO HD is the ONE single piece of access equipment you will need for all the stages of a building project, from slab formwork to final fit out. 


  • Wheel locking device allows you to drive forward and backward in a straight line when accessing narrow aisles or corridors.
  • Dual Roll Out Decks provide outreach at both ends without sacrificing platform capacity.
  • Swing entry gate with stainless steel hinges and no entry toe-board to allow for easy access.
  • High cycle batteries allow 250 operations on one charge: enough to get you through the hardest of work days.
  • The large LCD screen on the ground module shows system status and diagnostics.
  • A particularly robust, ultra-compact joystick with an ergonomically-designed handle and trigger- style safety switch enables a comfortable and proficient use with gloved hands!
  • All-steel chassis, with a heavy-duty winch, tie-down points and integrated forklift pockets -making it easy to load and transport.
  • Built-in tilt-sensor and the active pothole protection mechanism for increased ground clearance. Wide wheels –for reduced ground pressure and increased traction on tough job sites.
  • The groundbreaking mast lifting system designed by BRAVI PLATFORMS for all its platforms – the real reason why you will appreciate the Leonardo HD. The mast is made of superior extruded aluminium and is 100% maintenance free! No more chains to be regularly inspected, no more grease or lubricant required, no maintenance.


Mounting and construction of scaffolding and ladders take time. Carrying materials to and fro might take over 50% of the allocated work time available. Concerned with the rate of current productivity and safety of people working at height, while providing these services, Pierino designed and developed a new way of getting the job done.