Bravi Platforms SPRINT


Working Height

5350 mm

Power Source

Batteries: N 04, 6V 245 Ah 20-Hr Rate

Operator’s bay Capacity

130 kg

/ Model & Specifications

Sprint is the ideal solution for those who want to make use of space and increase profits. Most shops, supermarkets and department stores have their goods stored on shelves that are no higher than 10 ft (3 m), in order to avoid bringing down goods from high shelving. Sprint offers the possibility to enhance profits: the number of items on display and/or stored can be increased without having to resort to bigger premises and higher costs.
Max. working Height mm 5350 17.6’
Max Platform Height (Upright fully extended) mm 3350 11’
Height Stowed mm 1441 56.7”
Length Stowed mm 1500 59.05”
Width mm 808 31.8”
Platform Entrance Height mm 356 14”
Occupants 1 1
Unit Gross Weight 660 kg 1455 Lbs
Drive Speed stowed 5 km/h 3.1 mph
Drive Speed raised 1,2 km/h 0.74 mph
Max Gradeability 35% 35%
Raise/Lower Speed 18/14 sec 18/14 sec
Turning Radius Outside 1600 63’
Driving System Two-Handed Proportional
Tire Solid Rubber Non Marking
Tilt Sensor Cut Out Standard
Turning Radius Inside Zero
Operator’s bay capacity 130Kg 286 Lbs
Transport hood tray capacity 113 Kg 248.9 Lbs
Materials tray capacity 90 Kg 198.2 Lbs
Batteries N 04, 6V 245 Ah 20-Hr Rate
Power 24 V c.c.
Load network power 110/220 V c.a.
Autonomy (On one charge) km 30 18.6 Miles

Sprint is the ideal solution for anyone looking to competently use their available space and by doing so, increase profits. To avoid problems or potential hazards resulting from the recovery of goods stored on high shelving, most businesses store their goods on shelving no higher than 3 meters (10 feet).

Increase your shelf space by using Sprint to reach higher, allowing you to have a larger number of articles on display or in deposit. All this without increasing the floor surface of the building and the related costs, because Sprint is not only extremely reliable in height, but also easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Increases in productivity and reduces of labor costs
Unlike traditional tools such as ladders that require the operator to climb up and down to move and position it, or to manually load and unload products on and off shelves, the Sprint allows the operator to load the products and raise them to the desired height in a safe and comfortable manner. This will not only have a positive impact on productivity, allowing the operator to do more in less time, but it will also avoid injuries related to manual movement of goods.

Sprint moves quickly and lifts operators and materials, positioning them to the desired height. The innovative loading platform can carry up to 90 Kg and is adjusted electrically by simply pressing a button on the machine. Once the load is positioned onto the Sprint, the operator is does not have to dismount, push or move on foot. Furthermore, more products can be loaded on the hood of the Sprint, up to a maximum of 113 kg. (249 lbs.), reducing the time lost by going back and forth for further loads to a minimum. With a full battery charge the Sprint can roll for 28 Km (17 miles)!

The innovative driving system of the Sprint allows for a complete rotation on its own axis, making it possible to use the machine in very tight spaces. With just 80 cm width and 150 cm length,and a steering range of only 160 cm, Sprint is the ideal solution for those who want to take the most advantage of warehouse, supermarket and production unit space.

Using Sprint means eliminating the possible risks of injuries caused by:

  • Manual movement of goods
  • Frequent bending and rotating body movements
  • Heavy physical work
  • Assuming risky, painful or tiring postures to recover objects which are difficult to reach and often too heavy
  • Loss of balance, slipping, objects falling from overhead.

The Sprint also reduces the possibility of damaging products and the accidents connected to them:

  • Products fallen from overhead, broken, scattered or spilled during hand moving
  • Panels or hanging lights damaged during ladder moving.


Mounting and construction of scaffolding and ladders take time. Carrying materials to and fro might take over 50% of the allocated work time available. Concerned with the rate of current productivity and safety of people working at height, while providing these services, Pierino designed and developed a new way of getting the job done.