Bravi Platforms LUI 460


Working Height

6620 mm

Power Source

Batteries: 4 -6V; 245 AH@20h

Platform Capacity

280 kg

/ Model & Specifications

The latest in technology promotes safety and dependability through its design. Safety is our number one priority. The LUI 460 eliminates the need for scaffold, scissor lifts and push around units. No ladders, no outriggers, no carrying parts, no hassles! One man (though rated for two) can easily do the job safely, quickly and efficiently. Ready to take on the most demanding rental fleet challenges, the LUI 460 is ruggedly built and durable, while maintaining a high degree of mobility. Its unique platform, mast and cylinder design allows an unheard of unrestricted platform capacity of 280 Kg (617 Lbs), with or without the extension of both decks.
Technical Data Metric US
Platform Height 4620 mm 15 ft 2 in
Entry Step 340 mm 13.6 in
Working Height 6620 mm 21 ft 8 in
Platform Width 680 mm 2 ft 3 in
Platform Length W/decks ext 2376 mm 7 ft 9.5 in
Width 760 mm 2 ft 5 in
Length Stowed 1560 mm 5 ft
Height Stowed 1855 mm 6 ft 1 in
Base Length 1659 5 ft 4 in
Platform Capacity w/ decks ext 280 kg 616 lbs
Ground Clearance 100 mm 4 in
Rated Number of Occupants 2 2
Drive Speed Stowed 3 km/h 1.9 mph
Drive Speed Elevated 0.6 km/h 0.35 mph
Inside Turning Radius Zero Zero
Outside Turning Radius 1700 mm 67 in
Gradeability 35% 35%
Raise/Lower Speed 25 / 16 sec 25 / 16 sec
Controls One Hand Proportional Controller
Tires Solid Rubber, Non Marking
Power Source 24 V c.c. 24 V c.c.
Batteries 4 -6V; 245 AH@20h 4 -6V; 245 AH@20h
Unit Weight 1250 kg 2755 lbs
STANDARD COMPLIANT Ansi A92.6, CE Compliant, AS1418.10 (int)
With the addition of the new BRAVI LUI 460 aerial work platform, customers now have another method to get to hard to reach places safely and efficiently. Designed for the demanding rental industry, the new LUI 460 is rugged and durable and has the ability to drive over a 35% grade and can negotiate tight areas with its zero degree inside turning radius. With a unique design and dual extension decks, the LUI 460 has achieved an unheard of unrestricted platform capacity of 280 kg - 617 lbs. Standing at a platform height of 4.62 mt, reaching and completing projects is a snap for this work horse. Four six volt marine grade deep cycle batteries produce 180 amp hours each, generating enough power for over 400 lift cycles or driving in excess of 9KM. That power, coupled with its unique drive design, allows the LUI 460 to be able to work well beyond the typical single and double work shifts required of today's equipment. Rated a two man unit, the LUI 460 can be easily and safely operated by one operator. Simple controls and a large LCD screen featuring system diagnostics and status ensures users have a reliable and easy-to-use machine for projects large and small.


Mounting and construction of scaffolding and ladders take time. Carrying materials to and fro might take over 50% of the allocated work time available. Concerned with the rate of current productivity and safety of people working at height, while providing these services, Pierino designed and developed a new way of getting the job done.